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Remember: When you call for Ant control you will speak to a local Ant control company not a call centre, if we don’t answer your call we are probably busy catching pests around Berkshire or Bucks so please leave us a message and we will call you back.

Ant Control Berks

What causes an ant infestation?
Ants can be destructive. They generally nest in the soil, often under paving stones around buildings and will enter homes in search of food. They tend to be found in the cavities of our homes and from there they penetrate up into the house itself. Ants will explore their surroundings quite extensively during the early summer months to increase their food supply. These explorations lead to a burrowing through mortar and brick that leaves behind the telltale mounds of sand that resemble miniature volcanos.
Some are carbohydrate feeders and will eat fruit, such as this pear left on a kitchen work surface.

What Can You Do About Ants – How do I get rid of an ant infestation?
In order for ant control to succeed, a degree of understanding of their lifestyle is necessary. For instance some ants favour a diet of protein-rich food and a carbohydrate-rich bait will not succeed in eradicating them. Some ants will share food, (a process known as trophallaxis) and this behaviour can be exploited in removing the ants from your home. Other Ant colonies, such as Pharaoh’s Ants, can support multiple queens. Insecticide sprays used against these species can cause the Ants to scatter and the queens to form new colonies (a process known as ‘budding’) thus making your problem worse.

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In addition to this, all our technicians undergo the highest level of enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks (now called Disclosure and Barring Service DBS) to give you reassurance about the Pest Controllers that you are allowing in to your home.

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